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In recent years many new “added- value” beverages have been introduced to the market, but they all have one inherent flaw: scientific studies have shown that natural ingredients, vitamins and other time-sensitive supplements, which make drinks “functional”, tend to lose their efficacy when they come into contact with the base liquid, light and oxygen. ViCap offers the perfect solution to prevent this degradation from occurring.

ViCAP Water Bottle
The longer the ingredients are in contact with the base liquid the weaker they become
Potency and power is being maintained until the moment of consumption.

Tyson Fury welcomes Man Utd star Harry Maguire to WOW Hydrate family – but Man City’s Kevin De Bruyne isn’t as pleased

MANCHESTER UNITED fan Tyson Fury welcomed captain Harry Maguire to the WOW Hydrate family.

But City’s Kevin De Bruyne joked he was less pleased to see the defender join.

Harry Maguire was welcomed into the WOW Hydrate family by Tyson Fury - but Kevin De Bruyne was well supportive
Harry Maguire was welcomed into the WOW Hydrate family by Tyson Fury – but Kevin De Bruyne was well supportiveCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Maguire has teamed up with the guys at WOW Hydrate as part of a new sponsorship.

And he announced the new deal by tweeting a mocked-up WhatsApp group chat – featuring Fury, De Bruyne, John Terry, Jamie Redknapp, Manu Tuilagi and Ant Middleton.

Fury sent a voice note, saying: “Wahey! Welcome Harry, get in there. WOW Hydrate family always growing.”

JT said: “Hey fellow number 6,” while Redknapp also welcomed the United centre-back.

But De Bruyne then ‘left’ the group chat in disgust – before being added back in by Fury.

The City maestro then messaged: “Only joking – great to have you involved mate.”

Maguire shared a picture posing with the products and Fury added: “On the protein comeeeeee on, I’ll FaceTime you later lad.”

The £85million man replied: “Cheers guys. Tyson, speak later mate.”