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In recent years many new “added- value” beverages have been introduced to the market, but they all have one inherent flaw: scientific studies have shown that natural ingredients, vitamins and other time-sensitive supplements, which make drinks “functional”, tend to lose their efficacy when they come into contact with the base liquid, light and oxygen. ViCap offers the perfect solution to prevent this degradation from occurring.

ViCAP Water Bottle
The longer the ingredients are in contact with the base liquid the weaker they become
Potency and power is being maintained until the moment of consumption.

About Us

Bringing flavor to water

Vicapsystems Ltd. is a Swiss based innovator in the beverage packaging industry. The company conceptulized and developed the world’s only dispenser sports-cap system as from 2006. Vicapsystems helps companies from various business segments to expand their product lines and generate growth using ViCap’s unique solutions: a revolutionary way to store and protect vital ingredients until the moment of consumption.

To innovate and produce the most effective dispenser cap system and pioneer the new beverage packaging revolution.

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In 2006 the development of ViCap started and Vicapsystems Ltd was founded in the same year. Vicapsystems Ltd is currently funded and managed by 3 Swiss investors (Andreas Schwyn, Conrad Weiss, Roger Wilfinger).

The development has been completed, patented and the ViCAP will be part of several future functional-beverage success stories.

The idea to develop a functional sports cap came up as Aqua Nova launched a drink which contained Q12. The problem with this drink was its short shelf life due to vitamins and other sensitive ingredients losing effectiveness over time when mixed with water.

ViCapSystems conceptualized the idea to separate the active ingredients from the liquid until the time of consumption and thus the idea for ViCAP was born.

Meet our team

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Martin Schmid

Managing Director ViCap Manufaktur


Luca Sartori

Managing Director South Europe