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In recent years many new “added- value” beverages have been introduced to the market, but they all have one inherent flaw: scientific studies have shown that natural ingredients, vitamins and other time-sensitive supplements, which make drinks “functional”, tend to lose their efficacy when they come into contact with the base liquid, light and oxygen. ViCap offers the perfect solution to prevent this degradation from occurring.

ViCAP Water Bottle
The longer the ingredients are in contact with the base liquid the weaker they become
Potency and power is being maintained until the moment of consumption.

Packaging for food & dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products and medical devices

INPHARMA provides a comprehensive packaging service to complete our partnership offer. We provide a range of Monodose and Multidose PET-PE-Glass bottles for liquids (syrups, emulsions, aqueous solutions, oily solutions), thermo-sealed sachets for powders and liquids and sealed dosing caps for sensitive formulations which require the powder and liquids to remain separate until use.


INPHARMA offers a wide range of single-dose and multi-dose PET-PE-glass solutions for all kinds of formulations (syrups, emulsions, aqueous solutions, oily solutions) from 5 ml to 1000 ml.


INPHARMA can offer taylor-made products; powder dose is available in single and double sachet, from 2 to 150 gr.


INPHARMA dosing caps are recommended for vitamins, minerals and vegetable extract that are unstable or insoluble in liquid phase (oil based or water based). Dosing caps are also suitable for probiotics or phases that should be mixed at the moment of consumption.