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In recent years many new “added- value” beverages have been introduced to the market, but they all have one inherent flaw: scientific studies have shown that natural ingredients, vitamins and other time-sensitive supplements, which make drinks “functional”, tend to lose their efficacy when they come into contact with the base liquid, light and oxygen. ViCap offers the perfect solution to prevent this degradation from occurring.

ViCAP Water Bottle
The longer the ingredients are in contact with the base liquid the weaker they become
Potency and power is being maintained until the moment of consumption.

Launch of DrInk – a new Ready-to-Drink Beverage using ViCap

We are proud to announce a new ready-to-drink functional vitamin drink which uses our patented ViCap Dispensing system.
Printer & Long launched in Norway Ink®, a revolutionary series of functional vitamin drinks containing a potent mix of 9 essential vitamins.
Using our patented cap technology, the flavor and vitamins stays healthy and fresh in the sealed capsule.
This beverage is positioned to reach a health-conscious market with a “first-of-its-kind” formula
with SmartCrystals® to give a positive Energy, Rehydration and Healthy Vitamins in one.
We wish Printer & Long a successful launch in Norway and looking forward to see it’s drInk®’s all over Europe.
Please visit the homepage of Ink and become a fan of their Facebook page.
Your ViCAP Team